Tuesday 18 February 2014

Camphor skin and hair care beauty benefits

Camphor has so many natural medical properties. The aroma of camphor is not the only attraction of this chemical. Camphor has been used since decades to treat many beauty realted remedies like hair and skin problems. It has many beauty benefits that is why, in Ayurveda various beauty treatments are done by using camphor. Camphor is a widely used ingredient to treat acne and pimples. Camphor can be dissolved and applied on skin to remove acne and its dark scars from the skin. If you want to know about more benefits of camphor for your beauty, go through the below article.
Beauty benefits of camphor:

We all desire to really productive remedy to treat acne and pimples. Camphor’s best beauty advantage is that it acne remedy. Camphor is an anti-inflammatory agency that delicacies acne and pimples. Prefer camphor oil to heal acne and pimples as it is more productive for healing such skin problems.

Skin Problems like itching and irritation can be treated by applying camphor on the itching area.

Rub burn scars with a small amount of camphor disintegrated in water. Do this one time every day to reduce burn scars easily. Just make sure the scars are not new it can lead to redundant skin inflammation and irritation.

One of the attractiveness benefits of camphor is that it softens cracked and uneven heels. To ensure good foot care, you can soak your feet in camphor and water solution for a few minutes and then use a scrub to feet. Apply cold creams to heels.

If you have skin rashes apply water dissolvable camphor at the skin rashes area. Make it for few days until you notice rashes are going to disappear

It is accepted that camphor is good for your hair too. When blended with other herbal oils, camphor oil can boost hair growth, relax your brain and remove tension. It also strengthens the hair origins and holds it glossy. You can add egg or yogurt to camphor oil in order to get greatest hair benefits.

Apart from expanding hair growth, camphor benefits the hair by battling hair decrease. Hair decrease is a widespread problem these days. Massaging your scalp and hair with camphor oil is good to fight hair loss.

These are few attractiveness advantages of camphor. As camphor is actually strong and aromatic chemical agent, it might not match every person. So, make sure your skin is not allergic to the chemical agency or else you can evolve skin troubles like rashes or allergies, nausea, vomiting and unconsciousness. furthermore, make certain that you never apply camphor on broken or recently injure skin.


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